Valiant Overview - Who we are

Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2013, Valiant is a premier workforce management solutions provider. We design and implement comprehensive, cloud-based Time Collection, Employee Scheduling, Payroll, Human Resources, Reporting and Business Process Outsourcing solutions for more than 2,000 companies doing business in a wide range of markets and industries.

Valiant processes more than $8 billion in payroll receipts annually, and our facilities and services adhere to stringent security, audit and quality standards. Our industry-leading single source, single database solution offers our clients an unprecedented level of control over all their workforce management needs.

Built on a powerful best-of-breed platform and backed by guaranteed 24/7 customer support, Valiant software and strategic consulting services deliver real-time workforce automation - all managed from a centralized employee database.

Our Mission

Valiant is dedicated to maintaining our position as the finest, most responsive workforce management solution provider in the industry. Our mission is to help our clients achieve verifiable cost savings and margin improvement while automating and streamlining operations, increasing efficiency and implementing best practices across their organizations. To meet those goals, Valiant combines enterprise-grade technology, a wide depth of workforce management expertise and experience and a partner-level commitment to every client relationship.

Powerful New Workforce Management Technology - Because every Minute Counts

You Need When You Need It

We've made our Single Source Database more configurable, more robust, easier to use and easier to integrate with your systems. Our new Object Oriented Structure defines your data at the meta level. Complicated relationships and tables are transformed into actionable groups (employees, benefits, budgets, etc.). This makes the system much more flexible and dramatically ramps up development time. When you need enhancements to make your business run better, our applications can be updated without an expensive and time-consuming restructuring of the underlying database.

Don't Customize. Configure.

The Valiant solution lets you tailor your applications to your day-to-day business needs without involving your IT department or third-party vendors. Our system is the Most User-Configurable Platform in the workforce management space. World-class configurability saves you time, resources and headaches.

Tie it Together

Valiant's advanced Application Programming Interface (API) changes the system integration game. Your applications will recognize and communicate with each other more efficiently and they'll share a unified system look and feel on day one. Most important, you'll be up and running faster and more cost effectively.

The Mighty Cloud

Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way the world does business. Valiant was a pioneer in web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, and our experience led us to create the most robust and efficient cloud-based workforce management system in the marketplace.

Valiant Products and Features - Many Solutions. One Unified System.

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, whose offerings rely on third-party applications, Valiant offers a truly comprehensive workforce management solution. Completely cloud-based, everything lives and works together in a single, centralized employee database, which gives you unprecedented visibility and control of your business. You get one system of record and one location where you can view, update and manage all your data.

A Commitment to Security

Valiant adheres to a Rigorous Security Protocol to ensure the integrity of your confidential workforce data and protect against internal and external security threats. Our multi-pronged approach to security encompasses not only our physical network, but also our deep understanding of data privacy laws and third-party reporting and governmental compliance issues. Because the Valiant workforce management solution is a single database system, all of your organization's private information is monitored and protected 100% of the time. There are no weak security links in the Valiant system.

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